I'm happy to owe my first feature film credit to Sony's Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse (2023).

As an FX Artist, most of my time on the film was spent in the Inklines department, working in Houdini to author hand-drawn line effects onto characters and environments as you can see in the video below.

Something i'm proud of is that I created the lines on Ben Reilly's outfit, (which as someone who grew up reading Spider-Man comics was a dream come true). A highlight for me was using an in-house procedural tool to author the lines. I was able to set up line presets to match the concept art style, these lines would dynamically generate as I drew the curves on the character's mesh, allowing for a precision that I wouldn't otherwise be able to achieve. These presets were used on the character for the rest of the film.

I'm forever grateful to Pav Grochola, Filippo Maccari, and Rosie Galvin for the opportunity to be part of this project, and to YJ Lee, Edmond Boulet-Gilly for their guidance and mentorship.

What follows is a collection of shots I worked on that I found in the wild.